Tumeric and Ginger Tea



I really love tea.  Not necessarily the tea-in-a-bag sort.  I love to brew something fresh or use whole leaves.  Today I tried this new one and I’m hooked.  It was so creamy and yummy!  Definitely good for a chilly or snowy day.  Here is how I made it but I also included the original recipe link below: Continue reading


A New Friend


Today was really exciting for me.

  1. It was a day home (which is really rare).
  2. I had time to cook a meal (which also does not happen enough).
  3. I had a new friend over for breakfast (extremely rare).

In my line of work time for friends (and even family) is scarce, and then to find a friendship that goes a little deeper – where you connect on a spiritual and emotional level that gives a mutual feeling of respect and support; well, those kind of relationships are very few and very special.  We decided to become accountable to each other with our life’s struggles and goals.  I don’t think it is a coincidence that most relationships are formed around our food.  It is very fitting.  Our meals tell a story.  So while we enjoyed a few hours together this morning it gave me the idea of this blog.  To record, celebrate, and make every meal together as special as possible. Continue reading