Laura’s Projects


My Grandmother’s China is a fun, inconsistent blog, that is more of an occasional hobby for me. However, I do write and blog for a living!

Check out some of my other writing projects and businesses here:

BLOG ANTHOLOGY – My professional site where I offer my coaching and writing services. Examples of most of my writing are located here. It is all password protected, but if you enter laura in the password fields, you can read away.

BEYOND THE BOUTIQUE – Part of my business. In addition to being a content writer FOR small businesses, I offer resources and tips for business owners or for those who are looking to start a small business. I’m all for MOM AND POP shops or services. They are the heartbeat of America. Included on here, are the stories behind some of the mom and pop businesses. Pass the word around to anyone you know looking to be self-employed or could benefit from resources for micro businesses.

LIVING FREE BLOG – The most important thing in the world to me is the pursuit of God and His pursuit of us. This is my personal and spiritual growth blog. I write under the pen name of Harper Granville (a homage to family names)You don’t have to be a Christian to get something out of my blog. I share thoughts and ruminations, and lessons that I learn. I get so much out of the study of the Word of God, and He has shown me how to read and study the Bible so that it is easy and enjoyable. The Bible has literally come to life for me. This blog is my journey and hopefully, a way for me to show others how to study the Word for themselves, and also I tackle some of the nagging questions that many just assume we know. For example, “Love your neighbor”— what does THAT mean?! What IS love anyway?  Join me there and interact with me on the subjects that are closest to my heart.