DAY 1 (again): No Shame In Starting Over


The holidays are over, and our big family vacation has just ended.  The new year has finally begun for me.

I was doing fairly well on eating healthy and working out until about 1-2 weeks before Christmas.  There were food and baked goods everywhere, and I was spending all day in the kitchen cooking.  Then, the week after Christmas we left for a 12-day family vacation that took us to Miami and ultimately a cruise around the Caribbean. Continue reading




I knew it would be hard starting a diet in the middle of the holidays and this weekend I didn’t fare well at all, but that doesn’t mean I’m giving up!

Today’s (Wednesday) weight: 137 Continue reading

DAY 2 BREAKFAST: Sausage Skillet


Morning weight: 137 ( -1 pound)

It’s day 2 of my weight loss journey and I was SO excited to see I had lost a pound!! I’m really hoping my decision to publicly write out my journey will keep me focused and on track.  Today I had more cravings for sugar, especially in the evening, so I’m trying to do things to keep my mind off of those cravings.  The hardest part is that I am hosting a party tomorrow and am cooking some snacks that I would love to eat!   Continue reading

DAY 1 DINNER: Hamburger Mushroom Patty


I finished off the first day of my diet with this dinner.  The goal I am trying to achieve is to find recipes that I will want to continue to eat even after I have reached my goal.  I’m off to a good start – this was yummy and my family liked it too! Continue reading

Day One: Turkey Zucchini Soup



Five years ago I looked at the scale and decided I needed to lose 10 pounds. Not a big deal because I have always been able to gain or lose 5 pounds in a day.  I could skip a meal or go for a long walk and get back to my regular weight.  I ate a balanced diet and believed “everything in moderation”. However, the extra 10 pounds had been on me for awhile and I couldn’t shake it so I decided to look at possible health reasons.  At the time I was 40 years old and 115 pounds (keep in mind I’m only 5′ 0″ and a petite frame.  105 was my normal weight). Those 10 pounds meant I couldn’t fit into my favorite jeans anymore. Continue reading