No-Egg “Leftover” Breakfast Tacos


I have this knack of creating something when there is virtually nothing left in our cupboards. I suppose it comes easy…but it is still a lot of effort. So when I sauntered into the kitchen this morning and our fridge was nearly empty, I have to admit I let out a groan.

There were no eggs, no bacon or sausage.¬†ūüėĪ Nothing “breakfasty” at all. I don’t mind cereal, but the only thing in the cupboard was plain Cheerios, and even with no other choices, that wasn’t appealing at all.

No fresh berries, no bread. Nada.

I sulked out of the kitchen, I suppose, in hopes that my hubby would suggest we go out for breakfast, but he wasn’t in the mood. So I wandered back in and thought, “Laura, you do this when creating dishes for events, you can do this.”

I snagged whatever I could:

  • 2 wrinkly bell peppers (VERY wrinkly)
  • A small piece of leftover ham buried in the back of the freezer
  • Green onions
  • Sweet potato
  • 1/4 of an avocado wrapped in foil
  • A couple pieces of leftover provolone cheese
  • Package of small tortillas.

I also had some sour cream and found a package of roasted hatch chiles in the bottom of the freezer. (When I say our food situation was low….it was SLIM PICKINGS).

When I looked at everything, individually, sitting on the shelf in the fridge, all I saw at first were bits and pieces of items that probably I would have thrown out if there were other choices. But this was a good reminder that those little bits of leftover food really do add up sometimes!

So with my leftovers,¬†this is what I came up with!! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ūüôĆ




Here’s what I did:

Sliced part of the sweet potato into skinny “fries” and sauteed them in olive oil over medium heat. It only took about 2-3 minutes to cook.

I removed them for a moment (because they cooked faster than I expected) and sauteed the leftover ham, I chopped up the good parts of the bell peppers and added that to the pan as well. Then I chopped the green onions and added the white parts. In addition, I grated the frozen hatch chiles over everything and cooked a few minutes (I still like my veggies crunchy).

A dash of basil and pink salt was the only seasoning. Then, as it was about finished cooking, I re-added the sweet potato and the tops of the green onions. I removed this from the heat after a few seconds and added a piece of cheese to the top of the warm mixture while I heated up the corn tortillas.

Reusing the same pan, I turned the heat up to med-hi and cooked the tortillas in the pan for a couple minutes on each side until toasty.

Once the tortillas were warm and soft, I combined everything and topped with sour cream and the leftover avocado.

Wow, it was good.


You can easily do this with any leftovers in your fridge: chicken, polish kielbasa, pork, asparagus, potatoes, mushrooms…you get the idea.

No eggs necessary for this breakfast.

Let me know if you try it. What a great way to use up leftover vegetables instead of throwing them away!

TIP: Chop up bell peppers and put in the freezer. An easy item to pull out and add to numerous recipes.


DAY 2 BREAKFAST: Sausage Skillet


Morning weight: 137 ( -1 pound)

It’s day 2 of my weight loss journey and I was SO excited to see I had lost a pound!! I’m really hoping my decision to publicly write out my journey will keep me focused and on track. ¬†Today I had more cravings for sugar, especially in the evening, so I’m trying to do things to keep my mind off of those cravings. ¬†The hardest part is that I am hosting a party tomorrow and am cooking some snacks that I would love to eat! ¬† Continue reading

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I woke up to a few very welcome inches of snow this morning. So beautiful.¬† But that meant it also gave me a little extra time to actually fix a breakfast for my son this morning (usually it’s grabbing a banana or stopping through the drive thru). Continue reading

A New Friend


Today was really exciting for me.

  1. It was a day home (which is really rare).
  2. I had time to cook a meal (which also does not happen enough).
  3. I had a new friend over for breakfast (extremely rare).

In my line of work time for friends (and even family) is scarce, and then to find a friendship that goes a little deeper – where you connect on a spiritual and emotional level that gives a mutual feeling of respect and support; well, those kind of relationships are very few and very special.¬† We decided to become accountable to each other with our life’s struggles and goals.¬† I don’t think it is a coincidence that most relationships are formed around our food.¬† It is very fitting.¬† Our meals tell a story.¬† So while we enjoyed a few hours together this morning it gave me the idea of this blog.¬† To record, celebrate, and make every meal together as special as possible. Continue reading