About Me


cup2My favorite memories when I was a little girl was when we would visit my grandmother and gather around the table. She would put out her best china, a lovely table cloth, fantastic food, and then a big green jug of Carlo & Rossi red wine!

After dinner, we played cards for hours and hours. Hearts was usually a favorite.

As I moved out on my own, I inherited my grandmother’s china, along with some very delicate bone china from my great aunt. After sitting in the cupboards for most of the time year after year, I finally decided that what was the point of having such beautiful table settings if they were only used for holidays or when guests came over. Was not my family more special to me than my guests?

That’s when I decided that china should be used to eat on as much as possible.

I wish I could say we sit down as a family and eat on china every night¬†because we don’t. Frankly, most of the time my husband and son prefer a frozen pizza while sitting on the couch than they do a home-cooked meal. However, they indulge me once or twice a week in sitting at the table for a proper meal.

I think life is too short to keep the china in a cabinet. Let’s take it out and make as many meals special as possible! After all, the time around the dinner table is (in my opinion) the most important time we can spend. As a mother of one teenage boy, and a step-mother to a 20-something woman, I see the days of having time with them,¬†slipping away quickly. As a result, slowing down and using special items, such as the family china, has become more important to me.

This blog is to honor the memory of my grandmother, to encourage others to make family time intentional and special, and a place for me to keep track of recipes and meals that I enjoy.

Blessings to you and your family.

~ Laura