Sourdough French Bread


In 2015 I decided to experiment with sourdough. I had discovered that my body tolerated sourdough bread fairly well, plus I loved the idea of having fresh bread at home.

I began by creating a starter with kombucha and kept it going for 3 months. My family loved the fresh bread I made every week. Then we went on vacation for 12 days and lost the starter. Bummer. Unfortunately, I decided not to create a new batch. Continue reading


Cacao and Nut Protein Bites


I’ve started experimenting with protein balls/bites, without using protein powder. Something about using a food that has been processed and powdered and “isolated” doesn’t sound healthy to me. Plus the “quality” powders are extremely expensive.This was my first one and it came out really good.

That being said, I did use a hemp powder in the recipe as I had some on hand. This was my first try at protein bites and it came out really good. I made the bites fairly large, however, my recommendation is to make them smaller because it is fairly rich. Continue reading