Tumeric and Ginger Tea



I really love tea.  Not necessarily the tea-in-a-bag sort.  I love to brew something fresh or use whole leaves.  Today I tried this new one and I’m hooked.  It was so creamy and yummy!  Definitely good for a chilly or snowy day.  Here is how I made it but I also included the original recipe link below: Continue reading


Veal with Creamed Mushroom Sauce



A favorite memory from my childhood was going to the Café (pronounced kâ-fey by the locals) with my grandparents in Rock Springs, Wyoming.  I don’t remember the name of it because it was always referred to as THE café.  The only café we ever went to.  It had a red awning and brick walls. The interior was brown carpet, red chairs, and somewhat of an Asian/American dark decor.  The menu had everything from stir fry to open-faced turkey & gravy sandwiches and my favorite, breaded veal.  It wasn’t exactly the best cooking in the world but it was our café and a tradition every time we visited grandma and grandpa. Continue reading

DAY 1 (again): No Shame In Starting Over


The holidays are over, and our big family vacation has just ended.  The new year has finally begun for me.

I was doing fairly well on eating healthy and working out until about 1-2 weeks before Christmas.  There were food and baked goods everywhere, and I was spending all day in the kitchen cooking.  Then, the week after Christmas we left for a 12-day family vacation that took us to Miami and ultimately a cruise around the Caribbean. Continue reading