I knew it would be hard starting a diet in the middle of the holidays and this weekend I didn’t fare well at all, but that doesn’t mean I’m giving up!

Today’s (Wednesday) weight: 137 Continue reading


DAY 2 DINNER: Lemon Chicken


Day 2 of my weight loss journey.

This dinner was fabulous and another easy fix!  Definitely on my favorite list.  I found it by doing a search for Ideal Protein Recipes.  It came from so I can’t take credit for this recipe. I served it with sautéed green beans and mushrooms, and cheese tortellini.  Obviously, I did not get to eat the tortellini but I served it to my family with the pan juices from the chicken served over top. Continue reading

DAY 2 BREAKFAST: Sausage Skillet


Morning weight: 137 ( -1 pound)

It’s day 2 of my weight loss journey and I was SO excited to see I had lost a pound!! I’m really hoping my decision to publicly write out my journey will keep me focused and on track.  Today I had more cravings for sugar, especially in the evening, so I’m trying to do things to keep my mind off of those cravings.  The hardest part is that I am hosting a party tomorrow and am cooking some snacks that I would love to eat!   Continue reading

DAY 1 DINNER: Hamburger Mushroom Patty


I finished off the first day of my diet with this dinner.  The goal I am trying to achieve is to find recipes that I will want to continue to eat even after I have reached my goal.  I’m off to a good start – this was yummy and my family liked it too! Continue reading

Day One: Turkey Zucchini Soup



Five years ago I looked at the scale and decided I needed to lose 10 pounds. Not a big deal because I have always been able to gain or lose 5 pounds in a day.  I could skip a meal or go for a long walk and get back to my regular weight.  I ate a balanced diet and believed “everything in moderation”. However, the extra 10 pounds had been on me for awhile and I couldn’t shake it so I decided to look at possible health reasons.  At the time I was 40 years old and 115 pounds (keep in mind I’m only 5′ 0″ and a petite frame.  105 was my normal weight). Those 10 pounds meant I couldn’t fit into my favorite jeans anymore. Continue reading

Ham, Turkey & Bacon Pasta


Have you ever tried to put together a quick dinner with all the leftovers in your fridge and it comes out amazing, however, you can’t duplicate it because you can’t remember what you did?  Or did it come out terrible and dinner was relegated to cold cereal again? Yep.  Lately, it seems like we’ve been eating too much cold cereal for dinner. 😝 Continue reading